Photographs by Meadow Linn

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belize Breeze

Help! This cocktail needs a name! 
The winning entry will get to name the cocktail and will receive a  
$20 gift card to Trader Joe's. 
Watch the video and tell me what we should call the drink. Enter as many times as you like by simply leaving your suggestion in the comment box. Tell your friends!!! Contest runs from February 24th-March 7th. 

And the winner is...Belize Breeze!!!
Submitted by Lane B. of San Diego, CA


  1. That was so fun, can't wait to try this drink this weekend. As for a name I'll have to think a bit and get back to you. Oh & I'll remember to dance when I make it.

  2. Ahh, lemon & ginger - such a wonderful pair, add a splash of rum &'ve got a "Lemontingle tini"

  3. Looks sooo yummy!
    How about...Fuzzy Ginger-tail or Lemon Ginger Fuzzy-tail!

  4. Ginger Drop! I love listening to you and your Mom.

  5. Meadow we didn't get to the drink last weekend like I intended but we had so much fun with it today. We came up with several names and I wrote a post about it at my blog Sweet T Farm. Here's the link -

  6. Well I've tried 2 different ways and the comment box won't let me post an easy link, it will be shorter to just type

  7. LOVE IT! How about:

    g'lemon bright
    lemon bite
    lemon kiss (that one's Lou's)
    lemon drip (again: Lou)
    ginger drop

  8. I like the name "A Girl's Best Friend". The drink sounds devine. I can't wait to make it.

  9. Maria, at Sweet Tea Farm had such fun with your recipe I had to come over and get the low down. Wow! a video instruction. You are sooo cute! and I love the shaker dance.
    I haven't made this yet but once I get the fresh Lemons today I will be making, **drum roll, please**
    the LEMON SNAP! (get it, kind of a play on the Ginger Snap but with Lemons. . . ) anyway, I know it will be gooooood! cause frankly I love rum AND ginger.

  10. SO FABULOUS!!! I love all these creative ideas!! Here's another idea - Dancing Lemon Shakers :-) Mary C.

  11. I suggested GinRummy on your Mom's FB page. I like the addition of Guylene Monks Ferguson's Sunny to make it Sunny GinRummy. It looks so good, and I was wishing I had the fresh lemons and ginger. Soon! Thanks for the new drink idea!

  12. Meadow, what a neat way to teach people to make things! Loved your video and am inspired by you! Also love the names people came up with! We could have used a few of these at the retreat in California with Denise! Ha! xo

  13. Meadow! You are so cool! I just read over a bunch of your recipes and watched the video. Watching you prepare the drink made me think about how much fun we had cooking together oh so many summers ago. What a blast!!!! I loved our schedule: cook and clean breakfast then swim in the pond, cook and clean lunch, walk in the woods, cook and clean dinner, read in the garden...ah, what a lovely summer! Hope to see you soon! xo